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摘要:题目: New insights into the mineralization of rare earth elements incoal-bearing strata 报 告 人: 俄罗斯科学院远东地质研究院Victor P. Nechaev教授、Igor Yu.Chekryzhov教授 报告时间: 2016年10月13日下午3:30

题目:New insights into the mineralization of rare earth elements in coal-bearing strata

报 告 人:俄罗斯科学院远东地质研究院Victor P. Nechaev教授、Igor Yu. Chekryzhov教授




Victor P. Nechaevis a Senior Researcher of MineralogyLaboratory in Far East Geological Institute, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. His areas of study include geological evolution,geodynamics, geochemistry and mineralogy of ore deposits.In 1977, he graduated from Faculty of Geology and Geography,Rostov State University. In 1977–1982, he participatedin gold prospecting in the South Ural region and then turnedto Earth's sciences at the Far East Geological Institute,Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1982–1991, heavymineral assemblages as indicators of tectonicsettings were a main subject of his study. In 1991, hedefended his Ph.D. Thesis“Cenozoic geodynamic settings ofthe Pacific Oceanfloor from the heavy-mineral assemblages.”Later, his research became wider, including geologyof gem corundum and amber, precious metals in carbonbearingrocks, petroleum geology, and galactic influence on the earth's evolution. Since2014, he has also been working as a Assistant Professor at the Engineering School,Far Eastern Federal University. His major publications are presented at.

Igor Yu. Chekryzhovworks in Geochemistry Laboratory,Far East Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.His areas of study include stratigraphy, volcanismandrare-metal mineralization of Cenozoic coal-bearing basins.He graduated fromthe Geological Faculty of Far Eastern PolytechnicInstitute in 1998. After that, he has worked for thePacific Oceanological Institute from1998 to 2003, and forthe Far East Geological Institute since 2003, both belongingto Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. He co-authored of over100 publications including 2 monographs.